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Steelin' Dan goes to the Steely Dan show. 

Steely Dan dropped in at Harvey's Lake Tahoe last night on the Think Fast 2008 tour, and put on a masterful show. We couldn't have done it better ourselves.  Lord knows, we've tried!  A bunch of us were there to see them, and from pretty close up too.  In fact, our vocalist/guitarist Michael Beaman got to meet Steely Dan guitarist Jon Harrington after the show... check it out!

Jon Herrington and Michael Beaman

Steely Dan live, Think Fast Tour 2008, Harvey's Tahoe

Donald Fagen at the Harvey's Tahoe show, August 2008

Sacramento News & Review - 2006 

We got this great write up from SN&R in the Arts&Culture section.

Change of the guard

By Edward Dunn
Not all cover bands are created equal. If you’re a fan of the Steely Dan, then you can appreciate just how difficult covering their songs would be. Your average busker wouldn’t know a “µ major chord” from a roulade, let alone who Cathy Berberian is. The folks in Steelin’ Dan have done more than simply accept this challenge; any major dude will tell you that this band can flawlessly re-create “The Dan’s” sound. The line-up has changed a bit, and Steelin’ Dan just underwent second name-change, but the level of musicianship and the authentic sound hasn’t suffered. Steelin’ Dan will perform two shows this weekend. They’ll be appearing...

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