Sacramento News & Review - 2006

We got this great write up from SN&R in the Arts&Culture section.

Change of the guard

By Edward Dunn
Not all cover bands are created equal. If you’re a fan of the Steely Dan, then you can appreciate just how difficult covering their songs would be. Your average busker wouldn’t know a “µ major chord” from a roulade, let alone who Cathy Berberian is. The folks in Steelin’ Dan have done more than simply accept this challenge; any major dude will tell you that this band can flawlessly re-create “The Dan’s” sound. The line-up has changed a bit, and Steelin’ Dan just underwent second name-change, but the level of musicianship and the authentic sound hasn’t suffered. Steelin’ Dan will perform two shows this weekend. They’ll be appearing...

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